Applications open for compensation for Camp Nou and Palau Blaugrana season tickets

Applications open for compensation for Camp Nou and Palau Blaugrana season tickets

Holders have until August 3 to fill in the form informing the club of their preferred option

From July 20 to August 3, all members with season tickets for the Camp Nou or Palau Blaugrana that so desire may apply for monetary compensation for the games that they have been unable to attend this season due to them being played behind closed doors at the Camp Nou or not played at all in the Palau. Members will also be offered the option of temporarily suspending their season tickets for the next season.

Season ticket holders need to fill in a form available in the Members-Online Transactions section of the club website, where they will need to enter their membership key number (without zeros on the left) and code number. Members may select from the different options (form accessible at this link).

Season tickets 2019/20 - Compensation for games not attended

The Club is offering to members with season tickets three options. 

1) Compensation in cash a the end of September for the corresponding part of the annual season ticket fee, which could reach 25% if no game is attended. There is also the option of receiving the money via bank transfer with another option being discount vouchers for products to the value of 50% above that returned (for example, if it it 100 euros then the discount voucher will be 150 euros). The vouchers can be used in any of the Club's official shops from 1 October. . 

2) Receive the equivalent discount in the annual fee for season tickets for next season (2020/2021). If the season ticket holder opts for the Club to apply a discount of the corresponding amount for the games not attended this season for the price of the season ticket for next season, 2020/21, the amount of the discount, plus any balance from the 'Seient Lliure' scheme cannot be more than 100% of the cost of the season ticket for next season. 

3) Refuse compensation in favour of the Club, in the light of the exceptional situation that faces the Club due to the pandemic which has prevented Barça reaching its budget for the season as the financial objectives set taking into account the use of the facilities have not been met due to the closure of the facilities and matches being played behind closed doors. This will be the default option for those season tickets holders who do not complete an inscription form or with whom there is no contact once the deadline has been reached

Season tickets 2020/21 - Changes in terms and conditions 

1) Firstly, the renewal of season tickets at Camp Nou and Palau Blaugrana has been postponed until the end of August, once competition is complete, instead of the more usual month of July. As such, the Club will proceed to renew all season tickets, charging the current fees and applying the discount corresponding the 'Seient Lliure' balance from the previous season. 

The rules and use of the season ticket and 'Seient Lliure' will have to adapt to the regulations and limitations of the available capacity as well as the needs of the health authorities. As such, the Club will produce and send a physical season ticket to the members but this plastic card cannot be completely utilised until 100% of the capacity of the stadium is available. 

2) Possibility of a temporary suspension: due to the fact that the current situation means that season ticket holders may not be able to attend all the matches covered by their season ticket if capacity limits are maintained in this social and financially exception public health situation, it is important to respect the decision of members regarding their season ticket. For that reason, the Club is giving season ticket holder the option of suspending their ticket temporarily. 

Therefore, those members who do not want, or are unable to pay for the season ticket for next season can request this 'temporary suspension' which will allow them the right to maintain their seat and discount via 'Seient Lliure' for the following season, 2021/2022. The suspension can be requested via an inscription form and at no cost, ceding the use of the seat to the Club for the entire season. Those members will postpone payment of their season ticket until the following season with the 'Seient Lliure' discount from the 2019/20 season applied to the fee for 2021/22.  

 3) Return of the cost of games not attended: for each game that could not be attended due to capacity limitations, the Club will return the corresponding amount which will form a final discount amount at the end of the season.

Management of limited capacity

Whilst the Club is not able to have 100% of Camp Nou or Palau Blaugrana's capacity available, and should the authorities allow a limited number of fans into the stadium for games, the following conditions shall apply: 

1) Priority given to season ticket holders: 85% of capacity allowed will be for them and the remaining 15% for sale to members and the general public. 

2) Pre-application: to ensure a seat, the season ticket holders will have to fill in a form on the Club's website which will create a list of applicant on a game by game basis. 

3) Draw if demand exceeds supply: in the case of demand exceeding availability, a draw will be made using the model applied in the allocation of tickets for Champions League, Copa del Rey finals etc, using the experience garnered by the Club in recent years. 

4) Special access conditions: to access the venues it will be necessary to fulfil the conditions and follow the regulations and limits set by the health authorities. As such, the season ticket holders will not be able to maintain their usual seat. The distribution of seats will be as close as possible to the location or price zone of the season ticket holder and that the season has to be used, with passing to a third party possible but 'Seient Lliure' will not be available. The Club will do its best to group together requests and seat allocation to help families. 

Access will not be with the usual season ticket card but by specific electronic ticket for each game, assigned to the area to which the season ticket corresponds. When full capacity is available again, the season ticket holders will be able to use the season ticket card and their usual seat. 

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