Puente Genil 27–33 Barça: A win to close the first round

Puente Genil 27–33 Barça: A win to close the first round

Aleix Gómez, with seven goals, was the highest scorer of the last game before the Asobal Cup

Barça's earned their 15th Liga Asobal win in a row after beating Ángel-Ximénez Avia Puente Genil (27-33), and the will now look forward to an Asobal Cup test in Valladolid next weekend.

Without Víctor Tomàs and Palmarsson, who were rested, Aleix Gómez was the top scorer in a game that Barça dominated practically from the start.

Barça initiative

The hosts quickly went ahead 4-2 (min 7), but Barça soon took the initiative and were leading 8-14 by the 20th minute. Five goals scored by Aleix Gómez helped the Blaugrana to go into the break with a comfortable advantage (13-21, min 30). It was a difference that proved to be important, because after half-time Barça could only score one goal in 10 minutes, and eight in 23 minutes (24-29).

At this point the visitors were grateful for Möller's saves, which prevented the locals turning the deficit around. 


Ángel-Ximénez Avia Puente Genil, 27
Barça, 33

Puente Genil: Alvaro De Hita, Juan Castro, Javier García, Xavi Tua, Ruslan Dashko, Victor Alonso, David Estepa –starters- Admir Ahmetasevic (ps), Márcio Da Silva Maildo, José Antonio Consuegra, Jose Cuenca, Srdjan Mijatovic, Nuno Gonçalves.

Barça: Möller, Andersson, Aleix Gómez, Thiagus Petrus, Dika Mem, Àlex Pascual, Fabregas –starters- Pérez de Vargas (ps), Entrerríos, Sorhaindo, Ariño, Abel Serdio, N’Guessan, Dolenec, Diocou.

Partials: 2-2, 4-5, 7-11, 8-14, 11-18, 13-21 (Half-Time), 15-21, 17-23, 18-27, 22-28, 24-30, 27-33 (Final).

Officials: Alberto García Rodríguez, José Manuel Iniesta Castillo.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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