Ademar León 30-32 Barça Lassa: Competitive as ever

Ademar León 30-32 Barça Lassa: Competitive as ever

A hard-to-come-by win in week 26 of the Liga ASOBAL for the side already confirmed as champions

Barça have now played three games since being confirmed as league champions, but there are no signs of them easing off in a week where they also moved within touching distance of the Champions League Final Four.

They were on strong form at the home of powerful side Ademar León, contenders for the runners-up spot, and came away 30-32 winners. Ilic led the way with seven goals in a game that Barça always led but never by a wide margin. 

N’Guessan was also outstanding for Xavi Pascual’s side as they led by three at the break, but that was good as their lead got and by the end of the game the difference was actually lower, just two goals, in one of the toughest domestic tests of the campaign for the all-conquering blaugrana.

Next up at the Palau is the second leg of the European quarter final against French side Nantes. That’s on Saturday May 4 at 7.30pm CET.


Ademar León:  Ignacio Biosca (-), Mario López (3), Matias Carou (-), David Fernández (4), Jaime Fernández (3), Ivan Mosic (5), Zivan Pesic (2), Slavic (-), Simonet (-), Juan García (2), Rodrigo Perez (-), Matias (-), Ligetvári (2), Acacio Marques (7), Gonzalo Pérez (2) & Luis Robles (-). 
Barça Lassa: Kevin Moller (-), Entrerrios (2), Sorhaindo (3), N'Guessan (4), Aleix Gómez (1), Dolenec (2), Ilic (7), Perez de Vargas (-), Víctor Tomás (-), Andersson (-), Ariño (6), Syprzak (-), Thiagus Petrus (1), Dika Mem (3), Pálmarsson (1), Fabregas (2). 

Periods: 2-3; 5-7; 9-9; 10-11; 12-15; 13-16 // 15-18; 18-20; 21-24; 23-24; 26-29; 30-32

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Força Barça
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