Jordi Roura:

Jordi Roura: "We don’t know how to sit back– we’ll be out for a win"

Speaking to the media after training today, Jordi Roura insisted: “the team is really focussed and determined to get into another final”, whilst reminding everyone that Barça’s style is non-negotiable: “we will be going out to win from the off”

With the decisive second leg of the Cup semi-final against Real Madrid ever closer, Roura admitted that everything which is at stake: “makes it even more important”, whilst insisting that Barça’s style of play won’t change for the game, despite the 1-1 draw in the first leg of the tie: “we won’t sit back and defend the draw – we don’t know how to. Our style is always to attack , we’ll be after a win from the off. Real Madrid have to score and it’s possible that they will be pressurising us high up the pitch. Whatever happens, we’ll be ready for them”,

Respect, but no fear

Roura also insisted that Saturday’s win against Seville had settled the team and that they were completely focussed on the Madrid game and aware of how important it was: “games against Real Madrid are always tough. They are a big team with great players, but we are really excited about getting out onto the pitch to take them on and get into another final. All I ask is that everything stays out there on the pitch. We have plenty of respect for them, as we do for any other team. Respect - but not fear. We know it’ll be a difficult game, but we aren’t afraid”.

Messi, as motivated as ever

Leo Messi was again at the heart of many of the questions Roura had to face, with the Barça coach explaining: “he is a competitive player, he’s always motivated. I don’t think he is any more so because it’s Real Madrid, or because of the things that were said after the last game between us and them. He’s very comfortable when he has to compete. He looks perfect to me and I wouldn’t say he is any more tired now than he was at the same point in other seasons”. Asked if Messi was maybe not at his sharpest, Roura joked: “well, the way he’s playing, it’s a good job he’s not at his sharpest isn’t it? Everyone has room for improvement, but I can’t understand that anyone could question the season that Messi has put in”.

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