Pete Mickeal suffers pulmonary embolism

Pete Mickeal suffers pulmonary embolism

The North American player was admitted to hospital on Monday. Test confirm that the player will not feature for Barça Regal for the rest of the current season

Tests at the Hospital of Barcelona have confirmed that Pete Mickeal is suffering from a pulmonary embolism. For this reason, the North American player will not feature for Barça Regal for the rest of the season.

Mickeal, who arrived to Barça Regal in 2009, etched his name among the Club’s basketball greats thanks to his technical deftness and leadership on the court. He’s led the team to the Copa del Rey title in 2013 - where he was also named MVP of the tournament - and last year’s Liga Endesa title.

Decisive player for Xavi Pascual

The 35-year-old is a crucial component in Xavi Pascual’s line-ups. He’s enjoyed the most minutes on the court for Barça Regal in the Euroleague - a total of 25 per match. In addition, he’s averaged 11.3 points and 4 rebounds per game in the competition.

In the Liga Endesa, he’s averaged 10.1 points and 4.4 rebounds per match. It goes without saying that Mickael’s absence will be a difficult obstacle for the Blaugrana to overcome.

Shows of support

“Something like this has already happened - in 2011 - and we managed to do well. Hopefully we can do it again,” said Juan Carlos Navarro when asked about Mickeal’s condition. “This certainly would change any manager’s plans, but we have to remain focused on our next objective, the Euroleague playoffs.” He added: “This is a very difficult blow, but we need to pick ourselves up. This team can do it, and we all need to take a step forward. On a human level we’re all pretty shaken up, but the season continues and we’ll fight to win for him.”

Víctor Sada also admitted that the news of Mickeal’s illness was tough to hear. “When I heard about Pete, my face completely changed. The best thing is that it was detected early, and we all know that health is the most important thing,” said the Barça Regal player.

“On the athletic level, this is really difficult news to hear. He’s one of our leaders. But we have to move forward for Pete, because we’re a team. Each one of us must give a little bit more from now on,” concluded Sada.

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