Elections to territorial federations

Elections to territorial federations

A historic process begins for the supporters movement It is a new era for the organisation of the movement, which switches from 35 to 30 territorial federations

The territorial organisation decided by the Penyes Segle XXI project regarding federations was included in the Framework Presentation at the World Congress of Supporters Clubs in 2012. That this document was passed unanimously marked the continuity of a historic process within the movement.

The supporters clubs are once again deciding their future, and for the first time ever, FC Barcelona has recognised the supra-club organisations. This historic demand from the movement has finally become a reality, marking a major step forward towards self-administration. Each zone will be organised as a federation, with a shared board of directors, and which will be represented at the Supporters Clubs Council.

The election process

From Thursday May 16, elections to the territorial federations get under way, in which all clubs that are officially recognised by FC Barcelona on the date that the elections were called will be able to participate. The process begins with the announcement of candidatures as the movement heads towards efficient self-administration in accordance with the demands for quality made by FCB supporters clubs.

From now onwards, candidatures for the boards of each of the federations can be presented. Then the lists will be closed, and each federation will proceed by naming a president, one or more vice presidents, a secretary, a treasurer and board members, if necessary.

Before June 5, the candidates will be able to present the guarantees required to be proclaimed eligible candidatures, which implied the support of at least 20% of the official supporters clubs in their given zone. Once this period is over, from June 7, FC Barcelona will announce the candidatures and the electoral roll will be published.

The process will close on the 29th and 30th of June, during which the voting will take place in those federations with two or more candidatures.


You can access to all the documentation regarding the elections to board of territorial federations by clicking the link below.

[[BOTOVERMELL::Elections to Federations++Documentation::http://penyes.fcbarcelona.com/detail/card/elections-to-territorial-federations::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

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