Beckenbauer: "FC Barcelona are one of the most honest clubs in the world"

The Club contacted Bayern Munich after statements made by the German team's honorary president, Franz Beckenbauer, were picked up by the press

After the Franz Beckenbauer’s statements were published in the German daily ‘Bild’, FC Barcelona contacted Bayern Munich, who relayed the following message from their honorary president:

“I apologize if my comments were misunderstood. I only said that Barça will do what it can to get to the final, but not by illegal means. When I say they will use everything they have at their disposal I’m referring to putting pressure of their rival, something that’s normal on the pitch, it’s something that I used to do as a player and during my time as a manager. Barça are one of the biggest and most honest clubs in the world and they have all my admiration. I’m convinced that ‘fair play’ will preside over the match on Wednesday. The two teams will do everything possible to get to the final, and that’s what I meant to say.”

Força Barça
Força Barça
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