Alba: “We are going to try to win 100 points

Alba: “We are going to try to win 100 points"

The FC Barcelona left back says that the team will try to win its final three matches in order to equal the record set last season by Real Madrid On yesterday's title celebrations: "it was a beautiful experience, it was phenomenal"

Even though Barça's main objective has been secured – La Liga – Jordi Alba noted this Tuesday that the team will try to win its final three matches, against Valladolid, Espanyol and Málaga, in order to equal an all-time league record. “We have three games left and we’ll try to win them. We want to equal Madrid’s record and win 100 points,” he declared during the presentation ceremony of his youth training campus, which is set to kick off from July 1 and go through the 19th.

Confident in the players

Many of the questions posed to Jordi Alba were about Barça’s possible signings next season. “The coaching staff and the board of directors will strengthen the team where they see fit. I think the team is great, we have a bright future, and I hope we win more titles next season,” he said. When asked specifically about the possibility of Neymar joining the Blaugrana, Alba said, “I don’t know if he’ll come or not. He’s a great player and he’s proving that he’s a different kind of footballer.”

The left back went on to evaluate Leo Messi’s contribution to the team: “he’s the number one player, perhaps the best in the history of the sport. On many occasions we depend on him, but we also have other players that are very good.”

Positive season

“Signing for Barça was the best thing that could have happened,” said Jordi Alba, who also said that winning the league title in his first season with the senior side is one of the highlights of his year. He also talked about Tito and Abidal’s return to the team: “we went through some difficult moments, but in the end we were able to lift an important title.”

On yesterdays champions parade through the streets of Barcelona, he simply said, “it was a beautiful experience. I had experienced something similar in Madrid when we won the World Cup, but never on the club level. It was phenomenal.”

Força Barça
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