28 out of 30 federations have a board

28 out of 30 federations have a board

Only two zones will run for elections during the last weekend in June

On June 5 at 8pm, most of supporters clubs territorial federations had their boards defined. In twenty-eight out of thirty zones, only one consensus candidature was presented, which proves that all points of view are willing to have an active role in this historical moment of the movement.

From now onwards, team work will be the core theme to keep the task for each zone’s supporters club, so as to keep setting the foundations for the movement’s self-management. A great future can be foreseen within the movement, which will raise the penya brand as stated on the Penyes Segle XXI Project.

You can download all candidatures to board of the FC Barcelona supporters clubs federations on the link below. The zones with white background are those which will have to celebrate elections.

[[BOTOVERMELL::Candidatures Federations++Guarantees::http://media3.fcbarcelona.com/media/asset_publics/resources/000/055/871/original/Recompte_Avals.v1370607601.pdf::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

Elections in Tarragona Nord and Balears

On the other hand, two candidatures are running for election in both Tarragona Nord and Balears. The electoral race will start shortly in each zone. This is expected to be a democratic process which is to set example, according to FC Barcelona values, which will conclude with the election day the last weekend in June.

According to the established procedure, supporters clubs in both zones are to receive all the required documents, and the instructions via post, so as to be able to vote. Votes will be accepted by post or personally. In the former case, the vote must be posted to the Club accurately filled in before June 27 at 8pm. On the latter, one will need to go to the venue where the election is taking place.

[[BOTOVERMELL::Voting in Person++::http://media2.fcbarcelona.com/media/asset_publics/resources/000/056/292/original/Vot_Presencial-ANG.v1370865038.pdf::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

[[BOTOVERMELL::Voting by Post++::http://media4.fcbarcelona.com/media/asset_publics/resources/000/055/877/original/Votaci_per_correu_eng.v1370607961.pdf::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

Electoral Board

As stated on the Election Procedure, elections to board of federations is overseen and directed by the electoral board. The members of this entity are the following:

Jordi Cardoner i Casaus, vicepresident of FC Barcelona

Pau Vilanova i Vila-Abadal, chief director of the Social Commission of FC Barcelona

Jordi Durà i Mena, director of the Penyes Commission

Liberato Lartuna i Garcia, delegate of the Supporters Clubs Advisory Council for Barcelonès Nord and vocal of the Penya Barcelonista Gol 3000.

Pere Jané i Sánchez, president of the Penya Barcelonista d’Argentona

Moreover, Ramón Térmens, the Supporters Clubs Ombudsman will also participate as observator.

The Electoral Census

You can check the census for the electoral proces to Board of FC Barcelona Supporters Clubs Federations of those zones that are celebrating elections:

[[BOTOVERMELL::Tarragona Nord++Electoral Roll::http://media4.fcbarcelona.com/media/asset_publics/resources/000/052/899/original/Zona12ANG.v1368718504.pdf::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

[[BOTOVERMELL::Balears++Electoral Roll::http://media1.fcbarcelona.com/media/asset_publics/resources/000/052/908/original/Zona18ANG.v1368718976.pdf::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

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