Ten comments from Gerardo 'Tata' Martino's presentation

Ten comments from Gerardo 'Tata' Martino's presentation

The Argentinian will be sticking to Barça's idea of football, as he made clear at his first ever meeting with the press after signing as its new manager

Gerardo 'Tata' Martino was presented as the new FC Barcelona manager on Friday. He thanked the club for its confidence in him and spoke about how much he is looking forward to working with the players. Here we pick out ten of his most revealing comments from the press conference:

1) "Barcelona is not an easy place to get to. It is a very privileged place. No matter how ambitious somebody is, it is not often that you get do something as big as coach Barça”

2) "I quite understand why people don’t know who I am. If I’d worked in Europe I’d be much better known here”

3) "As coaches we have always tried to get close to the players. We are very open and we like to listen to the players’ suggestions. I think that forms a part of the way we all grow, especially as a team”

4) "Leo and I are both from Rosario and both from Newell’s, but we don’t know each other”

5) "Messi will keep playing in the same position. We have to find him the same commodities that he has enjoyed until now”

6) "If Messi and Neymar can`t work together, that’s because the coach has a problem, not the players”

7) "I spoke to Tito on the phone. He welcomed me and wished me luck.”

8) "Right now I’m counting on every player in the squad. From the moment I start working, I hope we all stick together until the end of the season”

9) "We will try to recuperate some of the things we saw in the best version of Barça. Creating pressure and getting the ball back quickly are two of the things we really want to get the team doing again”

10) "It would be a failure not to win any titles. Barcelona is used to winning and not doing so would have to be considered a failure because what Barcelona are offering is the best squad in the world”

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