Barça Alusport – ElPozo: Exhibition leads to first ever Super Cup (5-5)

Barça Alusport – ElPozo: Exhibition leads to first ever Super Cup (5-5)

Carmona's men drew with ElPozo in a breathtaking final to win their first ever Super Cup (the first leg was won by FCB) Lozano, who scored a hat trick in the first half, led the team to the first title of the season

High-scoring futsal is what the fans at the Palau want to see. Spectacle, emotion and genius led Barça Alusport to their first Spanish Super Cup victory in the history of the Club. The 5-5 at the end of the match is a testament to how well both teams played, a declaration that the sport is still in style. Long life to the geniuses in Blaugrana.

Exchange of blows

The fans were treated to a frenetic opening act from the two teams. The opening three minutes were magical and they culminated in a goal from Wilde. The home team were up but the lead only lasted two minutes, when Adri netted from a long-range free kick. But Carmona’s men reacted and Aicardo made it 2-1 after only 20 seconds of parity. After that both managers started rotating players out. The flow of the match was relatively calm until Sergio Lozano stepped out onto the court.

The best player in the world

The Universal man, Barça’s beast, scored a hat trick in the blink of an eye. It was 3-1 on 11 minutes thanks to an assist from Aicardo. 4-1 after ElPozo lost possession at mid court. And 5-1, his third of the night, after a textbook counterattack. Despite Barça’s superiority, ElPozo pulled one back right before the break (5-2).

Duda risks it all

With the title slipping away – counting the 0-1 from the first leg – ElPozo’s manager sent out a keeper-player. Gréllo filled in at the back and the Murcia-based team started to close in on Sedano’s goal. They scored two goals thanks to Suazo and Bebe, which made it 5-4 with six minutes left on the clock, but the Catalans weren’t going to give up their lead.

In the last minute, Álex scored the equaliser, but ElPozo needed to win the match in order to force overtime. The 5-5 at the end of the match meant that Barça Alusport had won their first ever Spanish Super Cup.

Força Barça
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