The thematic commissions continue their work

The thematic commissions continue their work

There are four meetings this November The conclusions reached by the commissions will be debated during the plenary session in the middle of December

For another year, the thematic commissions are working to consolidate the project ‘Penyes Segle XXI’. This season, there will be four working groups: Regulations, Communication and Marketing, Camp Nou, Tickets and Away Games, and Events and Activities.

The Regulations Commission kicks off the series

Without a doubt, the most substantial changes in the Supporters’ Club movement have been in the regulations, which also change every year in line with the decisions taken at the World Congress. Since November 8th, the commission has been working to create a more and more organised movement.

In this way, the objectives marked for the triennium will be to work on the organisation of Area 3, as well as to consolidate the federal model of territorial organisation, and a possible evolution towards a confederation.

This commission also worked on logistical matters related to the SC card and also the change in the SC season ticket model.

Communication and Marketing Commission

On November 15th, the second meeting was held. The members of the Communication and Marketing Commission highlighted the strategic importance of the two areas dealt with by the main body of the movement.

In order for the Penyista Card to have greater added value, it’s necessary to give it more content with exclusive offers and benefits for the cardholders. Now that the cards are in the process of being sent, it’s important to raise the profile of being a member

Events and Activities and Camp Nou, Tickets and Away Matches

On the other hand, the Events and Activities Commission met on the 22nd of November. The Camp Nou, Tickets and Away Matches Commission meeting will be held on the 29th of November. All the agreements to come out from these meetings will be introduced on the Supporters Clubs Council plenary meeting to take place mid December.

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