FC Barcelona - Fraikin Granollers: The Asobal Cup will stay in Barcelona! (34-28)

FC Barcelona - Fraikin Granollers: The Asobal Cup will stay in Barcelona! (34-28)

Barça claimed their ninth Asobal Cup this evening at the Palau Blaugrana against Granollers

The Asobal Cup is staying at the Palau Blaugrana, and it becomes the fourth title won by the team this season. In what most likely was the most difficult match at home for the Catalans so far this season, the visitors stood toe to toe with the Blaugrana throughout the whole first half. It wasn’t until Barça managed to create a four-goal lead that they took control of the match. The Asobal Cup is Barça’s, the ninth in the history of the Club.

Quality handball at the start

The two teams showed up eager to claim the title and offer up their best form to a packed Palau Blaugrana. Granollers came out swinging, but Víctor Tomás was doing his best to make sure the visitors didn’t pull away (four goals in the first eight minutes).

It wasn’t until well past the 20-minute mark that Barça managed to put some distance between themselves and Granollers. The visiting side were penalised – and thus found themselves down a man – and they were unable to hold back Barça’s onslaught. The home team surged to a four-goal run, which allowed them to go to the break with a five-goal lead (20-15).

Granollers show their teeth

It looked as though Barça were close to the title, but at the start of the second half they were denied from scoring for nearly five minutes which allowed Granollers to creep closer to the lead (21-17, min 35). The home team intelligently managed their lead thanks in part to the leadership ability of Víctor Tomás. Granollers, without Salinas, were led by Campos and Arnau García in the final stretch of the match.


Barça were determined to not allow the visiting team within three goals of the lead. They didn’t struggle to maintain that distance, and in fact they managed to grab a six-goal advantage with only 10 minutes left on the clock. Granollers didn’t throw in the towel until practically the final whistle. A 0-2 run brought the visiting team within four goals, but they were unable to close the gap in the remaining time. FC Barcelona claimed the title, and the Asobal Cup is staying in Catalonia.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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