"The final will be great", says Gerard Piqué

The defender says that "there's a rivalry between the two teams and finals are meant to be won" “We're two months away from the final, now we have to focus on La Liga and the Champions League", says Sergio Busquets

Gerard Piqué played the full 90 minutes of the second leg of the Cup semi-final and after the match he pointed out that “it was a good match” and that “we reached the final, that was our objective.” The center back explained that the game was a complicated one because “we came in with a 2-0 advantage and we didn’t know if they were going to attack or defend.”

Now that the match is over the focus is on the upcoming final against Real Madrid: “The most important thing is that we’ve qualified, it will be a very good match. There’s a rivalry between the two teams, and finals are meant to be won.”

Piqué added that “Barça are doing well after the tough blow against Valencia and we have to try to maintain our form throughout the 90 minutes of play.”

Here are the statements made by the players after the match against Real Sociedad:

Sergio Busquets:

“It’s hard to get to a final, we’re lucky that we’ve been able to play in so many in recent years, but it’s not easy and I’m very happy that we’re going to play in one again.”

“The final will be a very good match for any player or fan. It’s two months away and now we have to focus on La Liga and the Champions League.”

“We’re in a privileged situation and we’re very excited for our upcoming Champions League tie.”

Andrés Iniesta:

“The feelings are good. When a team play well, everything works better. This is our challenge, for things to turn out well.”

“I wouldn’t say that there are accounts to settle with Real Madrid, but it’s a good chance to win another title.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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