Chinese network CCTV films at the FC Barcelona Museum

Chinese network CCTV films at the FC Barcelona Museum

The reality TV show Go, Brazil, Goal filmed at the Camp Nou and the FC Barcelona Museum this week

The Camp Nou and the FC Barcelona Museum were the two sites selected by the Chinese television channel CCTV to tape the reality show Go, Brazil, Goal. The program focuses on the upcoming World Cup in Brazil.

Go, Brazil, Goal is a contest with 16 participants broken up into teams of two, each team competes in four different routes (Spain-Portugal route, Netherlands-Germany-Belgium route, England route and Italy route). The four team to qualify will be awarded a trip to the World Cup. Barcelona is one of the locations of the Spain-Portugal route.

Looking for the World Cup

The participants competed this Thursday at the FC Barcelona Museum. The challenge was to find the right Barça players that won the World Cup in South Africa – they appear in different parts of the Museum.

Exciting experience

The participants then enjoyed the Camp Nou Experience, and they got to watch the Champions League match between FC Barcelona and Manchester City.

“We selected FC Barcelona for our program because it’s one of the most loved clubs in China. The culture and atmosphere in the stadium is incredible. We were very surprised to see so many tourists during the Camp Nou Experience. It was a minor inconvenience for our show having so many tourists around, but that’s just a testament to how popular the club is throughout the world,” said show representative Frog Yuan.

The participants also visited a flamenco school, a tapas bar, the Olympic Park in Montjuïc and they took part in cultural and social events related to Catalan culture. The program Go, Brazil, Goal will air in April and June on CCTV’s sports channel.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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