Dinamo Moscow – FC Barcelona Alusport: They reach the heavens! (2-5)

Dinamo Moscow – FC Barcelona Alusport: They reach the heavens! (2-5)

Barça win their second UEFA Futsal Cup after they defeated the Russians in the final

They reached the heavens once again. From Javi Rodríguez to Jordi Torras, both men have lifted the title under the tutelage of Marc Carmona. The second Champions League for C Barcelona’s futsal team was won this Saturday after they defeated Dinamo Moscow in overtime. A header from Fernandao in the first minute of extra time, and another goal from a free kick taken by Lozano in the final seconds, earned Barça the UEFA Futsal Cup in Bakú.

The Russians take the lead

Both teams offered up a spectacular performance in the first half. Dinamo, very aggressive from the start, came out swinging against a Barça team that never showed signs of fear. Barça enjoyed excellent chances through Aicardo, after a brilliant play from Lin, and through Dyego. But the team that scored first was Dinamo. Romulo scored from the 12-meter mark, and the teams went to the break with 1-0 on the scoreboard.

Gabriel ties it up

In the second half Barça were the team that showcased more aggression. Gustavo was strong in goal for the Russians but Gabriel unleashed an unstoppable shot to make it 1-1.

After the tying goal, Paulinho tested Sedano, as did Tatú. They scored their second and Barça hit back with eight minutes left on the clock. The two teams battled it out for the victory, but neither side managed to score the winning goal before the full time.

Fernandao, Lozano and Sedano decide in overtime

In the first half of overtime, Barça nicked the go-ahead goal thanks to a header from Fernandao. With more to win than they had to lose, Dinamo played with a keeper-player and Barça managed to score from their own half. Lozano, from forty meters out, scored to make it 2-4 and Sedano followed by securing the win and made it 2-5.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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