Club approves ten new clubs

Club approves ten new clubs

The Board of Directors welcome them to the Barça family on Monday

On Monday morning, the Board officially approved ten new supporters clubs, who join a movement that now has over 150,000 members.

Most of the new clubs are in Area 3, which shows just how international the FC Barcelona supporters club movement is becoming. Others have been formed in Castellon, Valencia and Castelldefels, plus two in the city of Barcelona.

The following is a list of the names and locations of the new supporters clubs:

  • Penya Barcelonista Sis Copes de Strumica (Strumica, Macedonia)
  • Penya Blaugrana de Sofia i Amics (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Penya Blaugrana Sant Jordi (Sant Jordi, Castellon)
  • Penya Barcelonista Sang Culé de Xeraco (Xeraco, Valencia)
  • Penya Gastronòmica Barça (Barcelona)
  • Penya Blaugrana de Wolfsburg (Wolfsburg, Germany)
  • Penya Barcelonista de Asunción (Asunción, Paraguay)
  • Penya Barcelonista Jordi Alba Zona Franca (Barcelona)
  • Peña Barcelonista Cafetera de Cali (Cali, Colombia)
  • Penya Blaugrana “La Pulga” de Castelldefels (Castelldefels, Barcelona)
Força Barça
Força Barça
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