Child Passport ready to activate for league opener

Child Passport ready to activate for league opener

This new document can be activated up to six days before a match via a mobile app or the Club’s website

Adults who are responsible for child members under the age of 8 and who hold a child passport can now activate it to access the Camp Nou for the opening league match on Sunday at 9 pm.

Free App or Club website

In order for the child member to enter the Camp Nou, the passport must be activated before the match starts - up to six days in advance.  You can use your smart phone and the free app ‘FCB Passport Infantil’ for iOS and Android, or the club website.

You can download the app here:

Once you have activated the passport, you must request entry for each match and the system will indicate which stadium gate the child and accompanying adult must use.  Please remember that if the adult is also a member, he/she may not cede their seat via the Seient Lliure system.

Passport applications still accepted

Some 5,000 online applications for the Child Passport have been receive since it came into operation in June.  Further applications will be accepted throughout the season if made in person at the OAB offices of the Club.  Remember, you also have the option of buying a physical ticket for members under 8 from the Club website.

The Child Passport is free and is part of the Club’s policy of ensuring the Camp Nou is a safe place for young children and meets the very strictest health and safety regulations.  The passport lasts for one season and is automatically renewed every year and sent to the holder’s home address.

League, Cup and Champions League

The passport can be used for the first time on Sunday and will be valid for the whole season, including Spanish Cup and Champions League matches.  However, a number of high-risk matches will be excluded.  These are any league or Cup matches against Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid plus the knockout stages of the Champions League.

The Club reserves the right to exclude any match from the passport scheme as necessary.  Please note that holders of the passport will have priority when family places are limited.

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