Marta Torrejón:

Marta Torrejón: "Barça just gave me a whole new set of goals to try and achieve"

The player came over to the Club last year and had immediate success The standout central defender hopes to lead her team back to the top, and then some

All Marta Torrejón ever wanted was a bigger challenge. And when she finally got her shot to play for FC Barcelona, she was certainly up to it. The 24 year old defensive star is at the top of her game in her second season with the Club after coming over from cross city rival RCD Espanyol, where she made her Liga debut when she was just 14. The player gave an interview to the UEFA website.

Looking for motivation

In her first season with Barça, the team achieved excellent results, winning their third consecutive Liga, the Queens Cup, and getting all the way to the Champions League quarterfinals. "Last season was really superb," she said. And it must have been. After all, she didn't get the chance to play in those types of environments with her old club. "After so many years, I was just looking for some new things to get me motivated," she added. "Barça just gave me a whole new set of goals to try and achieve."

She did just that, growing throughout the season while giving the impression that she wanted to take full advantage of the opportunity she was given. She has also done some amazing things internationally too, helping lead the Spain national team to its first ever World Cup birth.

Lofty goals

If anything seems to be totally clear for Torrejón, it's her outlook for this season. For starters, she feels that the number one goal is for Barça to defend their Liga and Queens Cup titles. She also wants to take another step and reach the semi-finals of, or maybe even win, the Champions League.

If you are wondering why she hasn't just come out and stated her desire to win it all, it's because one of her most positive personality traits is humility. She's a realist, albeit a confident one. "We want to win the Champions League but we know it's not easy," she mused. "We really have to keep our feet on the ground and take it one game at a time."

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Força Barça
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