Board announces agreements on Civil Liability proceedings

Board announces agreements on Civil Liability proceedings

Bartomeu has announced that FC Barcelona will appeal against the sentence

Following the Extraordinary Board Meeting held on Friday, president Josep Maria Bartomeu has appeared before the press to explain the agreements that FC Barcelona has reached following the verdict on the Civil Liability proceedings, and which he has summarised in the form of three main points.

Bartomeu has said that the club will be presenting an appeal against the verdict announced by Judge Martínez Borrego. “FC Barcelona has that right and we wish to recover some of the losses” he argued. He went on to detail the eleven matters analysed in the sentence, commenting that “the Judge says we are right about eight of them”.

The second decision involves renunciation of the guarantees that are being executed at the behest of member Vicenç Pla.

The beneficiary is FC Barcelona” he explained. “And we have decided that we don’t want to be beneficiaries and have asked the judge to withdraw them. We want to release the directors and their families from all of the concerns and suffering that have accumulated over all these years. We think it’s a fair decision.”

The three sections that were rejected by the judge were those regarding the Mediapro case, the Viladecans case and the Sogecable case, on which Bartomeu commented that “the judge did not find the documentation adequate, even though the club lost 30 million euros”.

He also announced that once the response to the appeal has been announced “its execution shall be submitted to a delegate assembly.”

The president then reiterated that “we have always said that the sentence would be good for the club, but there are three parts that have not been admitted and we would like to clear them up more … But the judge has said that the reformulation of the 2010 accounts is correct.”

Finally, Josep Maria Bartomeu wished to make it clear that in this and other cases “we shall continue our own way, we are not going against anyone. We do what we do because that’s the way we think. Right now we’re not worrying about the elections in 2016, we worrying about governance and management”.

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