Second edition of penyista card

Second edition of penyista card

New season brings process for new edition of card

Immediately following the 2014/15 season, with the Treble still fresh in everyone’s minds, the Supporters Club Department has begun the process for the second edition of the supporters club member ID card for 2015.

All supporters clubs with new members since last November can enter their new supporters’ data so they can receive their card this summer. From now until 6 July, supporters clubs can make census updates through the online tool for supporters clubs.

After that date the data for each supporters club will be extracted, and cards for new supporters will begin to be issued. Any clubs that have not yet received their 2015 cards will receive both shipments at once.

Once shipment is completed an invoice will be sent to each of supporters club for payment. As agreed with the World Supporters Clubs Confederation, supporters clubs will receive their invoices from the month of September, for payment in the month of October.


This card has several exclusive benefits for officially registered supporters. In addition, the Supporters Club Council is working to ensure that these benefits continue to grow year after year.

To see the advantages of the supporters club member ID card, click on the button below.

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