Post-game reactions: Iniesta relishes new title win

Post-game reactions: Iniesta relishes new title win

The players admit to having suffered against Sevilla but can't hide their joy at having lifted the UEFA Super Cup

Minutes afterbeing proclaimedchampion of the2015 UEFA Super Cup, AndresIniesta admittedthat it was "greatto win again. We did so suffering a lot,butwe succeeded."

TheFC Barcelona captain said that despitethe victorythe teamneeds "to keep fixing things" in light of Sevilla's second-half comeback from a 4–1 deficit.

According to Iniesta,"Sevillaattack with a lot of guys, they movefast,and they got us."Fortunately Pedro'sextra time goalendedtippingthe balance in favorof theCatalans.

"Pedrodeserves the momentand the goal.I hope hecontinueswith us and can keep helping us out," Iniesta concluded.

Here are the highlights of what some of the other players had to say after the game:

Pedro Rodríguez

"I have alwaystried to bea professional andhelp the team to the max. It was a little disappointing not to start because you alwayswant to playevery game."

"I don'twant to leave Barcabut the situationis complicated. It's aboutminutes,because I'm ambitiousand alwayswant to beon the frontline."

Sergio Busquets

"We slowed down physicallyandwe mademistakesthatresulted in goals.They tookadvantageandwe suffereduntil the end."

"We know thattocontinue havingsuccessand keep winningtitles we have to bepluggedfrom the beginning.It will not beeasy to getthesextuple."

"I'm happyforPedro; he's a player whohas foughta lot.I wish himthe best,wherever he is,because in the endwe all want toplay.Let's seewhat happenswiththe situation."

Dani Alves

"Sevillamade us pay, tying the game between their skill andourmistakes.Butwe kept goingandwe won, and deservedly so."

"The coach warnedusin the preseason that if we're playing well, we're very good. But ifwelet up we're just a normal team and a vulnerable one.The gametodayshould serve to teach us a lesson."


"It wasanincredible game but I don't knowif youwinning that way is preferable. What is certainisthat you suffer more that way."

"I didn't expectto startbutwhenthe coachtold methatIwas I got ready.I always go into each game withthe mentality that I'm going to play."

Sergi Roberto

 "Sevilla were moretired at the end thanus andwe were able toget thevictory.Whenyou see that they came back down4–1you don't knowwhat to think."

"I'm veryhappy becauseI've had lots of minutesthis preseason,andalsobecause todayI couldplay andhelp the team."

Força Barça
Força Barça
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