Susana Monje reveals FC Barcelona's financial health to be stronger than ever

Susana Monje reveals FC Barcelona's financial health to be stronger than ever

Vice-president for the Economic Area describes “highest income in Club history" and believes there is still room for even more improvements

“FC Barcelona is financially in very good health. This is the best moment ever in the history of the Club.” The vice-president for the Economic Area, Susana Monje, had plenty of good news at the presentation of the liquidation for the 2014/15 financial year (608 million) and the budget for 2015/16 (633 million).

The data will need to be approved by the Delegate Assembly on Sunday, but Monje insists that the Board of Directors “are happy to have achieved the highest income in the history of the Club. There is still potential to generate even more income but things are on the right track. We shall continue to reduce the debt and capitalise the Club.”

Susana Monje also discussed the following aspects of the club’s finances:

Signing players

 “We can sign and shall make an effort to do so, but we have to be prudent”

"The Club has made profits, it is solid and that means we can cover the players’ salaries"

“A possible renewal of Neymar Jr’s contract is not included in the cost but the impact will be compensated for accountancy purposes by the increase in the amortisation period”

Espai Barça (new stadium)

“We have this year and the next to continue reducing the debt and start construction of the Espai Barça. More than 31 million will already be invested this season"

"We are speaking with the Council. We’re presenting documents and things are on good course"

Main sponsors

“The budget does not include a possible improvement to the shirt sponsorship contract”

“Talks have not started with Nike regarding renewal, but we are in constant contact”

Preseason tours

"They’re attractive because they generate values, brand recognition and income”

“There always has to be a balance between financial, sporting and logistical aspects”

Possible treble

“Winning a new treble would have an impact on costs and income, but would never cause greater debt, quite the contrary, it would mean a small profit”

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