New Plenary of Supporters Club Council

New Plenary of Supporters Club Council

World Supporters Club Confederation president Antoni Guil heads meeting which is also attended by directors Jordi Moix and Pau Vilanova

On Sunday 24 April, the presidents of the Supporters Club Federations met at the Auditori 1899. The meeting was headed by director Pau Vilanova and president of the WorldSupporters Club ConfederationAntoni Guil. The plenary served to continue working on the various projects promoted by the Council and in the supporters club movement.

The Marketing, Tickets and Heritage Committee focused mainly on the remodelling of the stadium, which was presented by Jordi Moix.

The New Camp Nou was presented on 21 April at the grandstand of the Camp Nou and is now exhibited at the Sala Paris by members and supporters club members who want to see it. In addition, another issue that the commission put on the table were the activities and travel arrangements for the Copa del Rey final.

You can find out more information about the New Camp Nou here

The Institutional, Communication and Law Committee worked on the state of demand of the Confederation ahead of UEFA and more than 11,000 signatures were collected by the supporters club movement in favour of freedom of expression.

As the communication plan was to influence the Journal of the Confederation or new episodes of the Barça TV program ‘Quina Penya!’ the Commission spoke about the organisation of the AFEPE Congress which will be held on 24 25 and 26 June.

The Sociocultural Commission presented the study on models of events for Supporters Clubs, the state of the projects of the Solidarity Council, the Probitas Social Days and the Penyas Team.

Finally, it must be highlighted that the company Eureka presented their proposal for the study of the organisation of the Confederation and the development project of the Federations.

On the other hand, regarding the comments made by the president of the Bages, Berguedà and La Cerdanya Federation, Ramon Burniol apologised for his words that may have offended any member, supporters club member or fan.

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