Robert Fernández says team has earned everyone's trust

Robert Fernández says team has earned everyone's trust

The FC Barcelona Technical Secretary sits down with Barça TV to discuss the team's current state of affairs

On Monday evening, FC Barcelona technical secretary Robert Fernandez sat down with the new Barça TV program, Hora B, to talk about the first team's current situation. During the interview, Fernández stressed that despite recent defeats "we are very confident in the team because they've earned it," while stressing that "we have to be very proud of the team's effort despite Sunday's defeat against Valencia." The team's recent results mean "they have to win and that conditions your play," he said, before adding, "We are very excited for the home stretch of La Liga."

Barça have little time to ponder Sunday's loss, as they go on the road Wednesday to face Deportivo La Coruña, the first of five remaining league matches. "The team was very upset last night, especially because of the way they lost."

"Professionals are always looking in the mirror and they know they must improve, but no one said it would be easy and everyone is convinced they can win five games," he said.

People reacted positively and we really appreciate it.

Fernández also discussed the team's recent elimination from the UEFA Champions League. "It was a blow because everyone was very excited, but we have La Liga and the Copa del Rey."

He also praised the reaction of the Camp Nou crowd and for supporting team until the end. "People reacted positively and we really appreciate it, especially in such difficult times," he said. "I remember when we were down 1–0 to Atlético and the fans were able to help us in a very difficult time."

And, of course, Fernández did not forget about Leo Messi, who scored his 450th Barça goal against Valencia. "You can't say enough about him," he said.

"Leo is special."

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