La Masia youngsters paid inspiring visit

La Masia youngsters paid inspiring visit

Francesco Messori, captain of the Italian Amputee National Team, stopped past La Masia to remind youngsters to cope with adversities with courage

The players of La Masia were visited by Francesco Messori, captain of the Italian Amputee National Team, who provided some wise words of encouragement.

Francesco was born without a right leg, yet has managed to overcome adversities through his humility and hard work, a story which he was keen to share to the people of La Masia.

The inspiring young Italian said: “Do not ever give in to adversity; always have a positive attitude”.

Despite all of his personal battles, Francesco has managed to retain positivity and achieve his goals, the main one of which has been to play the sport he loves.

He managed to represent his country in the Amputee World Cup in Mexico where his Italy side finished in ninth position, and sees Barça’s no.10 as the perfect role model.

"The first day I saw him play, I fell in love with football. He is the reference of a team that cannot be compared to any other. He is the best in the world," said Francesco, of the player with whom she shares a similar surname.

“Like everyone else, do not like to be treated differently because I only have one leg. I want players to go in hard on me when I play football. If you fall get up.”

It is this fighting spirit that makes Francesco the person he is, and his words of wisdom towards the youngsters of the club will remain long in the memory of those who were in attendance, and beyond.

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