Nearly perfect first half of the season

Nearly perfect first half of the season

Only one draw and one defeat from the first 13 matches of the domestic competition this season Santiago de Compostela drew 1-1 with Barça Ribera Navarra defeated Barça last week

FC Barcelona Alusport closed out the first half of the season last Saturday when the team took on Ribera Navarra. Despite the defeat, the first half of the domestic competition has been spectacular. The only dark spots on Barça’s record this season are the draw away to Santiago de Compostela (1-1) and last week’s defeat (5-4).

The best defence in the Liga

Barça Alusport’s almost perfect first half of the season is thanks to the teams stalwart defence. The team’s two keepers, Paco Sedano and Cristian, have only allowed 19 goals (10 Cristian and 9 Sedano), and last weekend’s match against Ribera was the match where they conceded the most all season. The team concedes 1.4 goals per game on average.

To get an idea of how good that statistic is, the team that has conceded the second least amount of goals is Santiago Futsal, with 28 goals in 13 matches (2.1 goals conceded per game).

Everyone gets on the scoresheet

In addition to their fantastic work on defence, the Blaugrana are also lethal on the other end of the court. Barça are only one goal behind the team that has scored the most so far this season, El Pozo Murcia (63 goals).

Up to 11 players have scored for the team, counting the youngster Eric Martel, who has played more for the first team this season than the reserve side.

Here’s a breakdown of FC Barcelona Alusport’s goalscorers:

Lozano (11), Fernandao (10), Ari (8), Lin (8), Aicardo (6), Igor (5), Saad (3), Torras (3), Martel (3), Gabriel (2), Wilde (1).

* It’s worth noting that two of Barça’s goals were own goals scored by the opposition.

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