Benidorm 25 - 26 Barça: Dika Mem to the rescue

Benidorm 25 - 26 Barça: Dika Mem to the rescue

The Frenchman scored 13 goles to lead the Barça fightback in a game that went down to the wire

Comeback to keep the undefeated record intact in the Liga Asobal. Barça beat Benidorm 25-26 in game with difficult spells, but Dika Mem led the charge for the visitors in real ding dong battle.

Even start

Both teams matched each other during the first half with neither managing to pull away from the other until, despite the best of efforts Dika Mem, the home side went in 15-12 up at the break. Barça had to react.

Leaders respond

Barça gradually improved at both ends in the second half, but the game ebbed and flowed with lead changing hands several times. At one point Barça led 21-24, which looked like it was game over., but the home side responded to tie the score at 25-25 with three minutes to go. Dika Mem had the final say after starring throughout, making the final score 25-26 with his 13th goal of the game

A true test for the leaders who blamed their tiredness on the scheduling, but they pulled out the stops to win a very tough game.

Game stats

Benidorm, 25
Barça, 26

Benidorm: Franzini (-), Álvaro Ruiz (1), Sempere (1), Iván Rodríguez (5), Nacho Valles (2), Luisfe Jiménez (3) - starters - Roberto Rodríguez (-), Santiago Barceló (-), Vainstein (2), Iker Serrano (2), Oliver (1), Joaquín Barceló (2), Lignieres (-), Parker (4), Edu Calle (2), Nikcevic (-).

Barça: Leo Maciel (-), Dika Mem (13), Aleix Gómez (-), Ángel Fernández (2), Langaro (-), Frade (5), Ali Zein (2) - starters -, Gonzalo (-), Ariño (-), Janc (1), N'Guessan (3), Thiagus Petrus (-), Makuc (-), Fàbregas (-).

Interim scores: 3-3 / 5-5 / 5-7 / 9-9 / 13-10 / 15-12 (break) 16-15 / 18-18 / 19-19 /21-23 / 23-25 / 25-26 (final).

Referees: Jesús Escudero, Jorge Escudero 

: Edwin Van't Hek 

Força Barça
Força Barça

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