Pinheiros 24-39 Barça: Through to the Super Globe final!

Pinheiros 24-39 Barça: Through to the Super Globe final!

Carlos Ortega's team held the Brazilians at bay to go through to the Club's sixth final of the competition

Barça are through to this Saturday's Super Globe final. Carlos Ortega's team showed their superiority in the match against Pinheiros (24-39), remaining in cruise control throughout. Barça will now face the German team, SC Magdeburg, this Saturday, in what will be the Club's sixth final.

Superb start

Barça started superbly. Carlos Ortega's team made use of Maciel's saves to launch lethal counterattacks (1-5, min. 6).

Barça's frenetic pace saw them extend their lead, finding weak spots in the Brazilians' defence. Pinheiros couldn't make the most of attacking advantages either, meaning they went in seven goals down at the break (16-23).

No let up

Barça kept up the intensity in the second half and extended their lead significantly to 19-31 by the 44th minute. The final score was 24-39, meaning Barça were through to their sixth Super Globe final to face the German team, SC Magdeburg, at 7:30pm CEST on Saturday.

Match stats:

Pinheiros, 24
Barça, 39

Pinheiros: Nascimiento (-), Silva Oliveira (2), Silva Dos Reis (2), Seifert (6), Da Silva (2), Ceccon (-) and Freitas (2) – starters -, Lima (2), Benedito (1), Flosi (-), Kent (2), Perbelini (3), Valadao (3), Inoue (-) and Monte (-). 

Barça: Maciel, Aitor Ariño (4), Dika Mem (1), Thiagus Petrus (1), Ludovic Fabregas (6), Haniel Langaro (2) and Aleix Gomez (5) – starters -, Blaz Janc (5), N’Guessan (2), Ángel Fernández (2), Domen Makuc (3), Ricahrdson (3), Frade (2), Parera (-) and Ali Zein (3). 

Interim scores: 1-5, 5-10, 7-14, 10-16, 13-20, 16-23 (break), 17-28, 18-28, 19-32, 22-35, 

Referees: Lars Jorum and Havard Kleven.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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