Barça 44-34  Viveros Herol Nava: Winning start at the Palau

Barça 44-34 Viveros Herol Nava: Winning start at the Palau

Victory is harder to come by than expected, but it's two out of two in the Liga Sacyr Asobal

The Palau Blaugrana hosted its first game of the Liga Asobal 2021/22 and Barça began it as they intend to go on – winning. Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas paraded his trophy for best goalkeeper last season, Dika Mem for best right back, Ludovic Fàbregas for best pivot, Thiagus Petrus for best defender, and Raúl Entrerríos for best centre and outright MVP. 

And off the game went with aforesaid reminding onlookers just why they collected all that silverware. Viveros Herol Nava were quickly overpowered as the home side rushed to a 6-1 streak. 


However, a certain equality was restored as the half drew on, and the difference had narrowed to +3 by the break.

Underestimating the opposition had been a mistake. Barça got serious again, and were soon well clear at 35-28. Barça had made heavy work of it, but eventually cruised home +10 winners and next up is HC Motor in the EHF (23 September at 6.45pm CEST.


Barça: Maciel (-), Janc (2), Petrus (-), Makuc (5), Langaro (5), Richardson (13), Frade (5), Pérez de Vargas (-), Fernández (-), Parera (1), Aleix (5), Soler (5), Zein (2) & Palomino (1)
Viveros Herol Nava: Haris Pleh (-), Vujović (2), D'Antino (7), Tsanaxidis (3), Moyano (6), Mota (-), Prokop (), Patotski (-), Carro (-), Rosales (1), Djukic (3), Carlos Villagrán (-), Prokop (3), Arce (2), Smetanka (3), Herranz (2) & Óscar Marugán (2)

Periods: 2-4; 8-5; 11-10; 12-11; 15-14; 19-16 / 23-18; 26-22; 30-25; 35-28; 39-32; 44-34


Força Barça
Força Barça

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