FC Barcelona 37-32 Paris-Saint Germain: Into the final!

FC Barcelona 37-32 Paris-Saint Germain: Into the final!

Xavi Pascual's side turned the tables on the French team to win the EHF Champions League semifinal

In the opening exchanges of this semi-final, PSG were on top for long periods, with Barça three goals down at one point. However, Xavi Pascual's side dug in and turned the tie around.

Kevin Moller kept a clean sheet for seven minutes, whilst Dika Mem, top scorer in the first half with six goals, helped the Catalans to edge ahead by 18-14 at the end of the first 30 minutes.

Advantage Barça

N'Guessan and Pálmarsson added their names to the score sheet at the beginning of the second half, as Barça sought to ram home their advantage. It was a lead that was rarely threatened thereafter, thanks to a magnificent defensive display and the consistent interventions from Moller.

Paris-Saint Germain's work-rate was admirable but not enough on the day, and it meant that Barça will contest the final of the EHF Champions League on Tuesday, December 29 (8.30pm CET). THW Kiel or Telekom Veszprém will be the opponents.


Barça, 37
PSG, 32

Barça: Pérez de Vargas (-), Ariño (1), Alexi Gómez (2), Petrus (-), Mem (8), Pálmarsson (6) and Ludovic Fabergas (5) -starters- Moller (1), Frade (-), Janc (5), Cindric (4), Sorhaindo (1), Entrerríos (-), Alex Pascual (-), N'Guessan (4) and Makuc (-). 
PSG: Gerard (-), Kristopans (4), Hansen (7), L. Karabatic (2), Remili (5), Nahi (9) and Solé (3) -starters- Viran Morros (-), Prandi (1), Keita (-), Kounkoud (-), Genty (-), Grebille (-) and Syprzak (1).

Partials: 3-4; 6-8; 8-9; 12-11; 16-12; 18-14 / 19-16; 24-21; 27-24; 31-25; 34-29; 37-32

Officials: Matija Gubica and Boris Milosevic. 


Força Barça
Força Barça

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