Barça 39–19 Bada Huesca: One-sided victory

Barça 39–19 Bada Huesca: One-sided victory

The hosts didn't give their visitors a chance to get into the match from the first whistle, easily winning the last home game of the year

Barça closed the year at the Palau Blaugrana with another victory. The Catalans beat Bada Huesca (39-19) in the match corresponding to the 3rd day of the Asobal League, and one which had previously been postponed due to the pandemic. The visitors, despite having four consecutive victories behind them, weren't able to live with a Barça side who were better in every department.

Unstoppable start

Huesca quickly went 2-0 up in this match but only managed another goal by the 17th minute compared to Barça's 13 as the hosts tore into their opponents (13-3). The gap continued to grow, with Fabregas, Ariño, Dolenec and Janc ruthless in attack. At half-time, the lead for Barça was an overwhelming 22-8.

No reaction

A reaction from the visitors in the second half was impossible, and the hosts showed no mercy even though the pace slowed down. At the whistle, the scoreline read 39-19, and it was no more than Barça deserved. 

Match Details

Barça, 39
Bada Huesca, 19

Barça:  Pérez de Vargas (-), Makuc (2), Palmarsson (1), Dika Mem (2), Ludovic Fabregas (5), Blaz Janc (3), Aitor Ariño (4) -starters-, Kevin Möller (-), Thiagus Petrus (-), Raúl Entrerríos (3), Àlex Pascual (2), Mamadou Diocou (3), Dolenec (5), N'Guessan (4), Luís Frade (2), Langaro (2).
Bada Huesca: Miguel Augusto (-), Alexander Tioumentsev  (-), Asier Nieto (1), Rodrigo Benites (-), Gerard Carmona (3), Adrià Pérez (3), Janez Gucek (5) -starters-, Daniel Arguillas  (-), Daniel Jorge Broto  (-), Álex Marcelo (1), Iván Montoya (2), Miguel Malo (1), Joao Pinto (3), Paul Alonso (-), Domingo Mosquera (-), Lucas Clavo (-).
Breakdown: 3-2 /7-3 / 11-3 / 15-5 / 18-7 / 22-8 (half-time) 26-9 / 28-13 / 29-15 / 32-17 / 35-18 / 39-19
Officials: Lorena García Gil and Tania Rodríguez Estévez    


Força Barça
Força Barça

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