THW Kiel 26-32 Barça: Important win in Germany

THW Kiel 26-32 Barça: Important win in Germany

Barça enjoy an extraordinary victory at the Wunderino Arena in the Champions League

Barça took an exceptional win at the Wunderino Arena against THW Kiel (26-32) on Thursday night, keeping them leaders of their group with 12 points. An exceptional display by goalkeeper Møller, solid defensive work and attacking efficiency earned the points for Xavi Pascual's side.

Even at the start

The defences were the early protagonists, and in the opening 9 minutes there were just three goals (1-2) thanks to the solidity of both team. Whilst things would open up, neither side would establish a significant advantage.

Barça, with three goals from Pálmarsson, Aleix Gómez and Entrerríos, took their biggest lead of the first half (10-13), whilst Møller was outstanding between the sticks. However, a frenetic first half would end 15-16. 

Møller masterclass

The second half was dominated by Barça. The Blaugrana did not let Kiel react, and quickly extended their lead. Møller was unstoppable, and would make 19 saves to become thhe MVP in the game.

Dika Mem, Entrerríos and Frade helped extend the lead to 24-31, putting the game beyond Kiel. The final score of 26-32 puts Barça in a positive position, unbeaten in their opening games in the competition.

Match stats

THW Kiel, 26
Barça, 32

THW Kiel: Landin (-), Ekberg (5), Weinhold (1), Duvnjak (5), Sagosen (3), Pekeler (1), Rune Dahmke (1) -starting seven-. Ehrig (-), Reinkind (3), Magnus Landin (2), Sunnefeldt (1), Wiencek (1), Quenstedt (-), Zarabec (4), Horac (-).
Barça: Møller (-), Janc (4), Mem (6), Fàbregas (3), Sorhaindo (-), Palmarsson (3), Ariño (2) -starting seven-. Pérez de Vargas (-), Entrerríos (4), Dolenec (2), N'Guessan (1), Aleix Gómez (3), Cindric (1), Àlex Pascual (-), Langaro (-), Frade (3).
Partials: 1-2 / 3-4 / 5-6 / 9-9 / 11-13 / 15-16 (descans) 17-19 / 19-22 / 21-25 / 23-27 / 24-31 / 26-32 (final)
Officials: Mirza Kurtagic i Mattias Wetterwik 
Photo: Sascha Klahn

Força Barça
Força Barça

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