Barça Lassa 29-16 HBC Nantes: On to the Final Four!

Barça Lassa 29-16 HBC Nantes: On to the Final Four!

A quick and intense game at the Palau Blaugrana wins the handball team a ticket for Cologne

Barça Lassa are on their way to the Final Four in Cologne! They already had one foot on the plane following a fabulous first leg performance in France, but they still had to make sure of it, and the biggest crowd of the season, 5,268 people, were there to see them through.

It was an intense game of handball that they witnessed, with HBC Nantes determined to do all they could to stun their hosts, but eventually falling to a three-goal defeat. Andersson and Ariño Led the way with 5 and 4 goals each.

The blaugrana stormed into a 7-4 lead and were still three goals to the good come the break (17-14).

And although Thierry Anti’s side managed to claw their way back to 22-21, it was then than Barça twisted the throttle once again, and with an inspired Victor Tomás there was no stopping their relentless thrust forwards.


Barça Lassa: Pérez de Vargas (1), Palmarsson (2), Ariño Bengochea (4), Ludovic Fábregas (3), Dika Mem (3), Víctor Tomás (3), Gonçalves, Sorhaindo (1), Entrerríos (1) Andersson (5), Aleix Gómez (3), N’Guessan, Gonçalves, Dolenec (1), Gilberto Brito & Ilic (3)

HBC Nantes: Bonnefoi, Lagarde (4), Tournat (5), Rivera Folch (4), Kiril Lazarov (3), Gurbindo Martínez (2), David Balaguer (3), Delecroix (1), Guillo (2), Nyokas, Auffret, Pechmalbec (1), Felho, Emonet (1), Siffert & Imare

5 minute periods: 2-2/7-4/11-7/14-9/15-11/17-14/19-16/21-19/22-21/27-24/29-26

Referees: Martin Gjeding & Mads Hansen

Força Barça
Força Barça
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