Jimbee Cartagena 3-7 Barça: A great debut

Jimbee Cartagena 3-7 Barça: A great debut

Andreu Plaza's began their defence of the title with a good match that included an Adolfo poker, a Ferrao double and one from Marcenio

A good debut for Barça's futsal team in LNFS 19/20. Andreu Plaza's side began the defence of their title with a resounding victory at Jimbee Cartagena (3-7). A great first half included Adolfo's hat-trick and goals from Ferrao and Marcenio, but it was Ferrao's second and Adolfo's fourth which sealed the victory.

A wonderful start

Barça scored five goals in just 13 minutes. Ferrao opened the scoring (0-1, min 1), before an Adolfo hat-trick in three minutes (0-4, min 8). It forced Cartagena to play with goalkeeper-player, a factor that Barça took advantage of to increase the score; Marcenio (min 13).

Cartagena reduce the deficit

The locals never gave up and cut the deficit before the break. Lukaian made it 1-5 (min 16), with one from Juanpi and an own goal from Ferrao, when he tried to repel a Thalles attack, taking the score to 3-5 (min 29).

Barça put their foot on the accelerator again, and finally took the game out of reach of the hosts. Ferrao (3-6, min 31) and Adolfo (3-7, min 38) ensured the visitors earned their first three points of the championship.

Match Details

Jimbee Cartagena FS, 3
FC Barcelona, 7

Cartagena: Marcao, Jesús, Franklin, Juanpi, Eka –cinco inicial- Raúl (ps), Fernández, Mellado, Lukaian, Thalles, Bateria, Cobarro.

Barça: Juanjo, Marcenio, Daniel, Joselito, Ferrao –cinco inicial- Aicardo, Dyego, Arthur, Boyis, Adolfo, Roger.

Goals: 0-1, Ferrao (min 1). 0-2, Adolfo (min 5). 0-3, Adolfo (min 6). 0-4, Adolfo (min 8). 0-5, Marcenio (min 13). 1-5, Lukaian, penalty (min 16). 2-5, Juanpi (min 28). 3-5, Ferrao, own goal (min 29). 3-6, Ferrao (min 31). 3-7, Adolfo (min 38).

Officials: Bustos Caparrós, Ramos Marín. Yellow cards for Cobarro, Juanpi and Thalles.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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