Beaten in overtime (5-3)

Beaten in overtime (5-3)

Andreu Plaza's side were unable to win in their opening play-off match against Levante

Superiority without fortune. Barça Lassa couldn't start the play-offs with a win against a Levante side that were effective in a match which the Blaugrana dominated. A goal from the hosts in the last seconds forced overtime, and it was then that they were able to take advantage of their chances.

Ferrao began the game well for Barça but the first chance fell to Levante. Dyego, Esquerdinha and Joselito also did their best to get on the scoreboard in the opening exchanges. Between goalkeeper Raul and the lack of precision from the visitors, Barça were unable to take the lead, with Cecilio eventually beating Dídac in the Barça goal at minute 15. Levante could've made it 2-0 from the penalty spot, but Dídac saved well from Canabarro.

Léo Santana brought Barça level on 28 but almost immediately, an own goal from Marcenio saw the hosts lead again.

Last second heartache

With a minute left, Barça Lassa then scored twice within a few seconds, the first from Joselito and the second from Ferrao. Levante, however, still had time to tie the game again with a goal from Cecilio (3-3).

The first half of overtime began with Levante playing with a goalkeeper-player but without too many chances for either team. The second saw Levante go ahead with a penalty goal by Pedro Toro (4-3, min 44). Barça then used Marcenio as goalkeeper-player but the hosts took advantage again through Cecilio (5-3). On Friday, May 17, the second match of this play-off will be at the Palau Blaugrana (9.15pm CEST). 

Match Details:

Levante, 5
Barça Lassa, 3

Levante: Raúl Jimenez, Maxi Rescia, Gallo, Rodrigo Canabarro and Pedro Toro –starters-, Javi Rodriguez, Javi Sena, Javi Alonso, Jorge Santos, Cecilio Morales, Rick

Barça Lassa: Dídac, Aicardo, Dyego, Marcenio and Ferrao –starters-, Léo Santana, Boyis, Adolfo, Sergio Lozano, Joselito, Arthur and Esquerdinha.

Goals: 1-0, Cecilio (min 15); 1-1, Léo Santana (min 28); 2-1, Marcenio pp (min 28); 2-2, Joselito (min 39); 2-3, Ferrao (min 39); 3-3, Cecilio (min 40); 4-3, Pedro Toro (min 44); 5-3, Cecilio (min 45)

Officials: Alonso Montesinos and Santander Flamarique. Yellow cards for Gallo, Cecilio, Jorge Santos, Marcenio and Roger.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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