Movistar Inter 4-5 Barça Lassa: Cup finalists

Movistar Inter 4-5 Barça Lassa: Cup finalists

Defending champions win an epic semi-final by scoring the odd goal in nine

Barça Lassa have qualified for futsal’s Copa del Rey final with a gripping 5-4 defeat of Movistar Inter in the semi-finals of the Final Four.

Didac Plana was outstanding in goal, while a Ferrão brace in the first half and further goals from Adolfo, Ezquerdinha and Lozano in the second got the job done.

But although Barça led from the tenth minute and led through to the end, it was a game full of uncertainty. On four occasions the Catalans stretched their lead to two goals, and each time Inter found a goal in response – even when Lozano scored to make it 5-3 with just 25 seconds on the clock.

Defending champions Barça will now play the winner of the other semi between Jaén Paraíso Interior and Aspil Vidal Ribera Navarra in the competition being played at the Quixote Arena in Ciudad Real.


Movistar Inter: Jesús Herrero, Humberto, Daniel, Ricardinho, Ortiz. Bebe, Pola, Solano, Borja.

Barça Lassa: Dídac, Aicardo, Lozano, Ferrão, Marcenio, Léo Santana, Boyis, Dyego, Adolfo, Joselito, Arthur, Esquerdinha.

Goals: 0-1 Ferrão (min 10), 0-2 Ferrão (min 11), 1-2 Ricardinho (min 13), 1-3 Adolfo (min 24), 2-3 Pola (min 25), 2-4 Esquerdinha (min 36), 3-4 Gadeia (min 37), 3-5 Lozano (min 40), 4-5 Solano (min 40).

Força Barça
Força Barça
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