Industrias Santa Coloma 2-3 Barça Lassa: Back on top

Industrias Santa Coloma 2-3 Barça Lassa: Back on top

Arthur and Ferrao (x2) score in the Catalan derby, and move into pole position after ElPozo only draw

The FC Barcelona Lassa futsal are top of the table again. The 3-2 win at local rivals Industrias Santa Coloma coupled with the 2-2 draw between ElPozo and Jaén means the team are leaders of the regular season table with just four games to go.

Arthur with one and Ferrao with two got the goals at the Pavelló Olímpic in Badalona, where are Industrias are temporarily playing due rebuilding work on their own arena.

Barça Lassa looked comfortably ahead at half-time, but their 2-0 lead was cut down by Uri Santos. And although Ferrao re-established the two-goal lead, a final flurry from the home side, rush goalies included, saw Albert Cardona head in with 45 seconds to go.

It was a nervy climax, and Santana very nearly snatched a late equaliser for Industrias, but his shot went wide and Barça collected the three points.


Santa Coloma: Feixas, Corso, Uri Santos, Albert Cardona, Ximbinha, Thalles, Maico, David, Álex Verdejo, Pol Pacheco, Mario.

Barça Lassa: Dídac, Marcenio, Léo Santana, Joselito, Ferrao, Boyis, Dyego, Arthur, Esquerdinha, Rivillos, Roger.

Goals: 0-1, Arthur (min 5). 0-2, Ferrao (min 19). 1-2, Uri Santos (min 21). 1-3, Ferrao (min 29). 2-3, Albert Cardona (min 39).

Força Barça
Força Barça
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