Barça 88-74 Joventut: The derby is blaugrana!

Barça 88-74 Joventut: The derby is blaugrana!

Sarunas Jasikevicius' side played brilliantly to earn their twelfth victory in the ACB League

Sarunas Jasikevicius' side have beaten Joventut, dominating from start to finish, and closing a week of three games with a victory.

It was important in terms of qualification for the cup against a Catalan rival who was also seeking the same goal. A great Barça defence and offensive effectiveness in the second half tipped the balance.

Neither team was very successful in the first period, in which two blocks and four points from Pustovyi were important (13-12, min 10). Little by little the match turned Barça's way, and a good few minutes from Hanga saw the first big advantage (22-16, min 13). Calathes put the hosts further ahead, and the gap was a huge 13 points towards the end of the second period (35-22, min 19).

The gap widens 

Barça had a 10-point advantage at the beginning of the second half (39-29, min 21), and after scoring 33 points in the third quarter, the game was over as a contest with Joventut 17 points behind by then (65-48, min 27). Hanga, Kuric and Bolmaro made the score 72-56 going into the final quarter.

The hosts didn't stop pushing forward and made it 84-64 (min 36). By full time, Barça had eased to their 12th win in this ACB League season (88-74).

Match Details

Barça, 88
Joventut de Badalona, 74

Barça: Calathes (10), Higgins (5), Martínez (6), Mirotic (7), Pustovyi (8) –starters- Hanga (18), Smits (9), Oriola (4), Abrines (2), Bolmaro (9), Kuric (8), Badji (2).

Joventut: Bassas (6), Ribas (11), Arostegui (13), Morgan (11), Tomic (6) –starters- Dimitrijevic (10), Brodziansky (6), Dawson (2), Ventura (3), Birgander (1), Zagars (5), Parra (-). 

Periods: 13-12, 39-29, 72-56, 88-74.

Officials: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Martín Caballero, Iyán González.


Força Barça
Força Barça

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