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The Disciplinary Commission is a collegiate body whose role is to exerciseand apply, by delegation of the Board of Directors, its correspondingdisciplinary authority, in accordance with the stipulations of chapter VI and the Club Statutes.

Article 53 of the Club Statutes contains the conditions for thedesignation of the members of the Disciplinary Commission, the duration ofits members' mandates, regulations in the case of possible termination,suspension and covering vacancies, and also the article that governs its operations.

These are the members of the disciplinary commission:

  • PRESIDENT. Jordi Calsamiglia i Blancafort, member 76,422
  • VICE PRESIDENT. Salvador Bartolomé i Codina, member 98,501
  • SECRETARY. Josep Maria Mir Padulles, member 74,860
  • COMMISSION MEMBER. Marta Simorra i Oliver, member 45,553
  • COMMISSION MEMBER. Alex Tintoré i Espuny, member 90,891