A product of the youth system at FC Barcelona, ​​Luis García understands the Barça philosophy perfectly, and that’s precisely what he’s trying to convey on the tour of the United States, which still has to visit San José and San Francisco after passing through Portland, Los Angeles and Dallas.

For the Barça Legend, who also played for Atlético Madrid and Liverpool, the experience of representing Barça is very positive, on a tour that he considers necessary for the successful expansion of the Club: "I try to export the image of FC Barcelona, ​​but especially its values. We are with lots of young people, almost all fans from the United States and what we want to do is to ensure they understand our philosophy. Watching Barça worldwide is huge now and that continues to grow. This year has proved it because before, in the US, it never happened that the team arrived at the hotel and supporters were waiting.”

All about the US tour
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