Players at FC Barcelona's La Masia combine studying with their athletic endeavours | SANTI GARCÉS / FCB

FC Barcelona's Masia 360 programme is becoming a point of reference in the education of young people through sport. As such, in recent days the La Masia facility has been visited by two prestigious universities to find out how to optimally combine educational and sporting development.

Paul Wylleman, an expert in the assessment of the development of elite professional sportsmen and head of the Topsport investigation team, attended as a representative of the University of Brussels. He was joined by Miquel Torregrosa, coordinator of the investigation team for the Sports Psychology study group at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, as the pair learned how the Masia 360 programme helps young people combine their studies with their respective sports.

Both universities were accompanied at La Masia by Susana Regüela, the head of training at the CAR facility in Sant Cugat, and her team from the Sportsperson Assistance Service. The meetings centred around the exchange of information, with the aim of increasing knowledge of the projects in order to enrich them.

In the case of Masia 360, it was the tutors from the Sportsperson Assistance Service who explained how FC Barcelona work to develop eductional and sporting endeavours concurrently, given that there have never been as many university students in the different professional sections of the club as this season (men and women's football, basketball, handball, futbol sala and roller hockey).

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