The rapper also took the opportunity to print his own shirt | Raia Maria Laura

He chose the number 23 | Raia Maria Laura

The Camp Nou has received a special visitor, 25-year American rapper Russel Vitale, better known as Russ, who wanted to take advantage of his stay in Barcelona to visit the Camp Nou Experience.

The singer, songwriter and producer, a new star of global hip-hop, has been in the City of Barcelona due to his European tour, and took advantage of his concert at Sala Razzmatazz to visit the Museum and the Stadium of FC Barcelona. In addition, he was able to print his own Barça shirt, with which he was photographed. The number chosen was '23', the same as Frenchman Samuel Umtiti.


Good to see you @Russ and good luck tonight in Barcelona!

Una publicación compartida de Samuel Umtiti (@samumtiti) el


Russ sold out the tickets for his Razzmatazz concert in a few weeks, and he has achieved global success through streaming platforms. He currently has around 190 million listens of his song 'What they want' and almost 170 million more for 'Losin' Control'.

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