The FC Barcelona Christmas campaign, 'Nujeen's dream,’ has been an absolute success on social networks. Just two weeks after the launch of the four-minute video, it has already been seen by over ten million people thanks to its publication on the Club’s digital platforms. Most of the views were via Barça’s official channel on Facebook, although the video also had a great reception on Twitter, YouTube and BarçaVideo.

These figures do not include visuals on other digital media, which have contributed to the viralisation of the story. Keep in mind that the history of Nujeen and FC Barcelona has more than 24,000 search results on Google.

Beyond social media, the campaign, which can be seen in Catalan, Spanish and English, has also been very well received in the media, both locally and internationally. Such prominent organisations as Europe1, Gazzetta, Jornal do Noticias, Sports Illustrated, Bein Sports Mena and The Times of India have all featured it. And the German daily newspaper, Die Welt, published a one-on-one interview with Nujeen, which was carried out by its Barcelona-based correspondent, Florian Haupt.

Nujeen Mustafá, who is the star of the Barça Christmas campaign, is a Syrian girl with cerebral palsy that embarked on a 5,000-mile path to freedom, far from the terror and barbarity of her hometown, Aleppo.

Her story, which is in the book 'Nujeen' written in collaboration with journalist Christina Lamb, has made her the symbol of the human ability to overthrow all unimaginable barriers. The campaign focuses on telling the story and, in addition, fulfilling Nujeen's dream of getting to meet her idols, such as Messi and Piqué. FC Barcelona made this desire come true, picking her up in the official bus in Germany, where she lives, and bringing her to Barcelona to watch a game.

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