Kashima Antlers Youth recently played a friendly with RCD Espanyol winning 2-1. FC Barcelona’s U19B side were their second opponent, and the Japanese side held their own in a battling 0-0 draw. They will also play Girona and finally Real Madrid before closing their 10 day tour.

After the match, Yasuyuki Maeda was interviewed by Barça TV and the player said that it was “a great game in an exciting environment that can’t be experienced in Japan. Barça is the world's best club. I am thankful that I could play at a wonderful facility."

Denis Silva, La Masia's Technical Director, noted; “Kashima said that they came to learn, but we are also learning every day. For example, their attitudes towards their coaching staff are to be admired.” As for the style of football, Silva said that “they’re very organised, particularly on the defensive side.”

Kashima coach, Koji Kumagai, was hopeful of a win. "I was thinking of going for the win and I just regret that we weren’t able to fight a bit better under good conditions. Considering that we are playing with a big time difference after coming to Spain, I’m happy.”

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