Georgetown University, in Washington DC, was the scene of Barça Innovation Hub (BIHub) second stop during the American tour. After the talk at MIT in Boston on Monday, the Club organised a summit on leadership in sport and football at the prestigious Georgetown University. The initiative is a part of the collaboration agreemend the two entities signed in May to explore opportunities to work together in areas such as innovation in sport, analytics or women’s football.

The event was attended by the Director, Jordi Moix, who introduced the Barça Innovation Hub project, and the Director of Strategic Planning and Innovation, Javier Sobrino, who presented the initiative’s ambition to become the most important centre of knowledge and innovation in sport. On Georgetown University’s side, Dr. Daniel Kelly, Director of the Faculty and Professor associated to the university programme ‘Sports Industry Management’ was in attendance. Other prominent figures in the areas of sports research took part and attended the various presentations.

There were three main thematic blocks within the Barça Innovation Hub: the search for new sporting businesses, the future of technology in sport and the advances in the women’s game. All the topics were discussed in presentations by expert who set new challenges in important areas of leadership in sport and football.

The objective was to offer the attendees the necessary tools to develop their strategic capacity and find areas for collaboration between FC Barcelona and Georgetown University through a networking platform which will help bring the two entities closer together.

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