“This is the Palau,” Barça’s new campaign for their professional sports teams

Barça's professional sports teams have a new campaign image for the 2017/18 season, ratified by the club on Thursday, and here we’ll tell you where the idea came from.

Why do supporters always say "today we’re going to the Palau” instead of "today we’re going to the basketball?" What does the Palau have that makes it so special and at the same time creates a sense of belonging and pride?

The answer of course is that the venue is synonymous with the spectacle, passion and magic of the various sports that are played there. Supporters are demanding but generous with their players, and respectful to the rivals, with the atmosphere that’s often created making the Palau feared and admired at the same time.

That’s because the Palau is about its people, it’s all that Barça represents. Therefore, the campaign has different variations depending on the sport: "This is basketball,” "This is handball,” "This is futsal" and "This is hockey." Pierre Oriola, Víctor Tomás, Ferrao and Pablo Álvarez were chosen to represent their sports on the new promotional posters.

Experiencing a match there is a unique and very special experience, and that is why the campaign for the 2017/18 season encompasses all sports. It will educate everyone in the world as to what the Palau is and, above all, what Barça is.

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