FC Barcelona’s institutional visit to China received a noteworthy level of attention from the press with the signing of the agreement with Mission Hills as the main reason for the trip. The Club’s representatives, who were led by the President Josep Maria Bartomeu and included the ambassador Ronaldinho and the CEO Òscar Grau, captured the attention of not only the media in China and Hong Kong but also media outlets from countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Japan and Thailand.

Barça’s trip to China has been covered by over 270 different newspapers, TV channels, radio stations and websites. Globally significant news outlets like ESPN, Bloomberg TV, Reuters, AFP and the New York Times; Chinese media including Xinhuanet, People Daily, Tencent Sport, SinaSports and China Daily; TVB, Now TV, Apple Daily, Oriental Daily News and SCMP from Hong Kong; the British Daily Mail; the Singaporean outlets Channel News Asia and Business Time, among many others. In total, the information has reached a total of 16 million people through the 270 media outlets.

The media focused on two main moments from the institutional trip: firstly, the 3v3 matches Ronaldinho took part in with boys and girls who will join the future FCBEscola school in Hainan, which will be the first to be run entirely by the Club. Secondly, the official photograph from the signing of the deal between FC Barcelona and Mission Hills Group, certified by the two Presidents, Josep Maria Bartomeu and Ken Chu.

Interviews with leading media outlets

During his trip to China, Josep Maria Bartomeu was interviewed by leading Chinese media outlets. The blaugrana President carried out two personal interviews with CCTV Channel, which is the most important TV channel in the country, and with the news agency Xinhua. In FC Barcelona’s Hong Kong office, the President was interviewed by two leading financial news companies: Bloomberg and the Financial Times. Bartomeu discussed topics such as the Club’s Strategic Plan, its commercial strategy in Asia, the closeness with the fans, the importance of the Mission Hills agreement and the plans for a first FCBEscola run directly by the Club.

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