The Barça Innovation Hub, as announced by President Josep Maria Bartomeu in his speech at February’s Mobile World Congress, is set to be officially unveiled tomorrow, Wednesday, 22 March 2017, at 12.00pm CET, in the Auditori 1899. The core aspects of this pioneering project are aimed at creating the sports industry’s number one centre for knowledge and innovation, thereby generating value both for the Club and for society in general.

The presentation will be streamed live on fcbarcelona.com and on Barça's official YouTube channel.

The Barça Innovation Hub (BIHUB) project forms part of the 2015-21 Strategic Plan and falls under the area of sporting excellence — the first of five strategic lines in the presidential mandate’s manifesto. The other four are: social involvement; sports infrastructure and the Espai Barça; the Barça brand and its global position; and economic management and sustainability.

Barça Innovation Hub is based on the fact that all of the knowledge that the Club has generated over the years, on various sports-related matters — not just football — can be shared. With this project, FC Barcelona aims to bring about change through sporting excellence, knowledge, and innovation.

Culture of sporting excellence

The world of sport has become interconnected and hugely complex through the integration of so many different industries, business sectors, and areas of action. The origin of Barça Innovation Hub is the culture of sporting excellence — that winning alone is not enough — which forms part of the Club. FC Barcelona also places a tremendous amount of importance on playing well and maintaining its own characteristic style.

Similarly, Barça will not settle for being merely a sports club and social entity. Its goal is to be at the forefront of the sports world in the fields of management and leadership, while setting new standards in the field of sports knowledge and innovation, concepts that are part of the Club’s unique identity.

Additionally, Barça’s objective to win in every sport in which it competes fuels its desire to be at the vanguard of research and innovation — key elements needed to compete with the best.

But the Club has other responsibilities too, those stemming from its credo — ‘more than a club’ — and its social commitments. And to live up to them, Barça is looking beyond its own interests as it seeks, on the basis of knowledge and innovation, to improve society in general.

An ecosystem to create new products and services

The Club is looking to use the Barça Innovation Hub to form an ecosystem fostering knowledge and innovation by promoting a culture of excellence, transparency, openness, and collaboration with prestigious brands, universities, research centres, start-ups, entrepreneurs, students, athletes, investors, and visionaries around the world.

In doing so, FC Barcelona expects to attract the talent needed to create new knowledge, products, and services that can be of benefit to athletes, members, fans, and society in general. The Club also places value on all the knowledge gathered over the decades in such areas as health, nutrition, high performance sport, sponsorship, digital environments, and all aspects relating to sport and its social impact.

The main aims are to maintain sporting excellence and leadership, break the boundaries of sporting knowledge, share this knowledge with the next generation of sports professionals and build the sports industry of the future.

Five knowledge areas and a four-phase action cycle

Barça Innovation Hub won’t be starting from scratch. Knowledge has been gathered in different areas for years, and that knowledge has now been organised into five knowledge areas, all of which are transversal and interrelated:

  • Team sports
  • Sports performance
  • Medical services and nutrition
  • Technology
  • Social sciences

All these areas are developed in a four-phase action cycle:

  • Incorporation of knowledge
  • Creation of knowledge
  • Dissemination of knowledge
  • Innovation

During tomorrow’s event, Dr Jordi Monés, the Commissioner of the Barça Innovation Hub, will be presenting the project and its different areas while revealing the specific cases that the Club is already applying.



For more information, please see our special Barça Innovation Hub dossier and the Barça Innovation Hub's microsite, www.barcainnovationhub.com.

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