Barça board members and representatives of around 50 countries gather for a pre-supper photo on the Camp Nou turf | GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

Some fifty consuls based in Barcelona and representing countries from Europe, America, Asia and Africa were at the Camp Nou today by invitation of president Josep Maria Bartomeu to enjoy a dinner in the restaurant on the stadium terraces.

The day began with a group photo on the turf, followed by the meal introduced by vice-president Carles Vilarrubí with the words “this dinner with the consuls is a traditional event. We must remember that FC Barcelona has 42 sponsors in 24 different countries. We have 35 FCBEscola soccer schools in 21 countries and offices in Hong Kong and New York and another one opening this year in South America. Barça is a club that plays two games. One at the Camp Nou twice a week and another one all around the world. Our club’s future is tied to internationalisation thanks to our sponsors and our presence around the world.”

The longest serving consul in Barcelona, Franca Lorela Deza from Peru, went on to say that “it is my honour to speak on behalf of the consuls that have been kindly invited to diner here today to get to know the club better. As well as representing our countries in this city we are also able to enjoy watching one of the best football clubs in the world. I have discovered a club with a global outlook that was founded by a Swiss gentleman … Barça has set an example for international integration and we are all permanently hanging on its successes and adventures, while in our own countries people also follow LaLiga, the Copa del Rey and the Champions League”.

President Bartomeu ended by saying that “for us it is a pleasure to invite all you consuls to the very heart of the Camp Nou, where our players bring joy to millions of people all around the world. We are a universal club that wants to reach every corner of the globe and get closer to our supporters. But most of all we want to make children happy. On social networks we have 280 millions of followers – enough people to make us the fifth most populated country in the world! And we’re very pleased with those stats!”

He went on to describe the Foundation, especially focusing on its FutbolNet scheme that works on training, integration and healthcare programmes, describing how “we aim to change the world through sport.”

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